Thursday, March 26, 2009

I need to vent...

I would like to try and stay positive on this blog but I have something going on in my life that I really need to vent about... and this seems like a great place for me to vent! :-)

So a little background... I work in a special ed school. All the kids in the school are autistic. Because of this every classroom has to have a certain number of teachers in the classroom. There are 10 boys in my class and 6 teachers in the classroom. I am really lucky to work with some of the best ladies ever in my class. We all get along really well, we have fun together, we work as a great team and we genuinely like each other. One of the teachers that we worked with had to leave due to medical issues and we miss him dearly. But because he left we had to get another teacher. It took a long time for us to get a new person in the room. I would say a good 4-5 months. But we have been coping and dealing with it. Well finally they got us a new person. And he sucks! 

He started at the beginning of the month. When he started the gals and I decided that we were going to be positive about the whole situation and do whatever we could to help him adjust to being here. We did have some expectations of him though... we heard he had worked in another special  ed school for 5 years before and he had his masters. So we thought great its all going to be great he knows what he is doing and blah blah blah. Well as it turns out he has NO idea whatsoever as to what to do with these kids. He barely talks to the kids and we have the best kids on our class. He is a compulsive lier. He is weird... I mean I can deal with weird but he is beyond weird. He has a second job did I tell you that?? You want to know what it is??? He is a mortician. I know someone has to have that as a job... but really??? And he makes jokes about this stuff all the time. It is creepy. He can't come up with any ideas of his own. He wants us to come up with all the ideas. He can't think of anything and someone who has taught before should be able to come up with things! None of us like to be in a room alone with him and it is really taking a tole on us!!! It is so frustrating. 

I realize as I reread what I just wrote it makes me look like a jerk... but I am not I swear!!! There is so much more then what I wrote ( but I don't need to bore you that much). It is just really frustrating that this is all happening and I just needed to vent a little bit. 

There is one good thing that is coming out of all of this... us ladies have all bonded a lot and are really close now. And that is really good! I am so thankful for them!!! :-)

Well for those of you that stuck with me while I vented I appreciate it. Thanks for listening. :-)

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  1. I totally understand a need to vent...and it doesn't make you sounds like a jerk! Hope things get better with this guy...glad you could let it all out to us:)