Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Today I am very thankful for all the different experiences I have gone through in my life. Without them I would be a totally different person.

- If I hadn't moved around so many different times growing up I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people that I have.
- If I hadn't gone to an all girl high school I wouldn't have made some wonderful friends. I wouldn't be as confident in myself as I am. I think that going to an all girl school was the best thing for me.
- If I didn't go to DeSales for college I wouldn't of met the most amazing roomie ever! I also wouldn't have any of my super awesome friends. And who knows what I would be doing with my life.
- If I never worked in the corporate world I wouldn't know for sure that teaching is what I was meant to be doing.
- If I hadn't been in all the different schools that I was in I wouldn't know that all schools are the same and that the same BS goes on everywhere! LOL
- If I hadn't taken the chance to work in the school I am in now I wouldn't know how much I truly love working with special ed kids. And really feel as if it was my calling in life.

I am really thankful for all that I have been through... because I can't possibly imagine being a different person!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just another manic monday...

So today I had a bad case of the Mondays! It was really bad, I just had no desire to go to work and be with the kids. Which is very odd for me, because I love my job and I love what I do. I very rarely have days that I don't want to be at work. Well today was one of them. And it is really tough to have one of those days and work with autistic kids!! Everything just seems that much worse. Luckily the day went quickly and the kids weren't that bad.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!! :-P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain, Rain go away!

Haven't we had to deal with enough rain already this summer? Do we really have to deal with more??? Most of the time I don't mind too much that it is raining, but today I was not happy. Let me tell you why. I am on what we call bus crew at school. It's not nearly as cool as it sounds! ;-) I get to stand outside and make sure all 60 busses know where they are going and they have all their kids and whatnot. On sunny days its nice because I get to work on my tan while standing outside. But on rainy days its not so much fun. Today was REALLY not fun... it was raining so much today that my shoes got soaking wet. Not just wet, but makes the funny noises when you walk, wet!! I (stupidly) didn't bring another pair of shoes, so I had to deal with the soaking wet shoes all day. Not cool. That didn't make me very happy today. Soooo sad.

I am just hoping this rain stops soon!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I want these shoes!

So I have my eyes on this pair of boots...


I have wanted them for a while but just haven't decided that I want to spend the money on them yet. But let me tell you if I got these boots I would wear them all the time. I think they are the best boots ever! Ok well maybe not ever but for right now they are my current want. I think that one day in the near future I am going to have to splurge and get the boots!

I just thought I would share my desire for them! ;-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I want to do before I turn 30...

So I am not exactly where I thought I would be at the age of 26. Don't get me wrong I have done lots of really great things, but I had different visions of where I would be when I was younger. So I have decided to come up with a list of things that I want to accomplish before I turn 30. This is what I have come up with so far... I am sure that the list will grow!!

1. Go sky diving
2. Get a tattoo
3. Go to Alaska
4. Figure out what I really want to do with my life ( this one may not happen before 30!)
5. Go to see a movie by myself
6. Buy a pair of expensive shoes
7. Learn how to make an amazing margarita
8. Help my mom put all her recipes in a book so that I can keep them forever
9. Learn to ride a motorcycle
10. Take a girls trip to some tropical island
11. Go in a hot air balloon
12. Organize a Relay for Life in my town
13. Meet the man of my dreams and get married (it might be hard to meet George Clooney but I will somehow get this to happen!! :-P)
14. Learn to drive stick shift
15. Swim with dolphins
16. drive cross country

OK so that is all I can think of right now. I am sure that the list will keep growing though.


I am serious this time! I am really going to do this. I just wish that I lead a more exciting life LOL So lets see what has been going on. I seem to have more free time on my hands this summer. I think it is because the summer theatre program that I run for Middle Schoolers has been cancelled this year. That is rather upsetting ... but they didn't have enough people to join this year. Oh well. That just means I have my nights back! :-) I wish I could say that I have been filling them up with exciting events... but much to my dismay it hasn't been so exciting.

This weekend my sisters and I are dog sitting for friends of the family. Now we already have a Jack Russell Terrier, who is a lot of fun but crazy, so adding in another Terrier is always interesting! Well Max is sooo cute! He and Reily (my dog) get along really well and have lots of fun together. They have been going none stop all day. It has been really crazy but it is a lot of fun to watch them play. We can't walk the dogs at the same time because they will play instead of going out and doing their business. So we take them one at a time. Well when one of them leaves the house the other one starts to cry because their friend has left them! It is really cute. They won't leave each others side. I am not sure how they are going to deal tomorrow when we take Max home. But its great that they are little doggy friends!

That is really what has been going on here. I promise I will try to keep this up this time!!!