Sunday, September 4, 2011

Am I Crazy?

Ok before you answer that question so quickly let me explain why I am asking this question.

When you first meet a guy part of the fun in the beginning is the flirting that happens, right? I understand that I am a flirt and I love to flirt, but still there should be some flirting, right?

Well much to my dismay I have joined Match, to try and find a guy, I guess. There are a couple of guys that I am talking too, and I may not know a whole lot about them, but we are having fun conversations. There is flirting going on and it is just fun. Then there is this guy that I am talking to and its just not fun! I know a lot about him, because he feels the need to tell me everything. He tells me what he has done so far during the day, everything he is going to do tomorrow, and what he is going to do when he is done typing the email. Its not fun. Should it be?

Shouldn't it start off fun and light? Not having to know everything someone is doing all the time. Am I wrong?

Today he asked me out for dinner. I don't know how I feel about this. I know nothing bad is going to happen, but haven't had fun "talking" are we going to have fun going out to dinner? It has been very formal emailing back and forth. And yes, you should find out about the other person, but I feel like you should have fun getting to know each other. I am just not having fun.

Am I crazy for thinking it should be fun? Or is this what is happening these days?

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